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September 15, 2019

What A Fool Believes

Dear Doug,

I am curious whether or not you believe the scientific consensus that climate change is a real threat to our continued existence on this planet? And if you don’t believe it, is this the ONLY kind of science you don’t believe, or are there other kinds of science that you – as a former label maker – feel qualified to disregard?

Do you, for example, believe that computers have tiny robots inside them who carry out whatever tasks you type in at the keyboard? Do you believe that rocket ships use fuel that is 40% magic, 50% hope, and 10% dragon spittle?

Are you of the opinion that your iPod secretly dislikes some of the music you force it to play, and sometimes instead of going into ‘sleep mode’ as directed, it spends its downtime plotting ways to magnetize your brain into useless mush? Or is it possible this has already happened? In short, do you distrust ALL science, or just the kind that threatens oil companies?

Yours Energetically,


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