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August 19, 2019


A psychological insight into Doug’s motivations.

Dear Doug,

You’ve been hurt in your life; that seems clear.

And in your effort to heal that hurt, you’re lashing out at others.

Doug, in our crazy-ass leftie world we called this externalizing. 


Externalizing actually makes sense in a primal way, because this bad thing inside of you [maybe it was attention your father never gave you, or a girl that laughed at your shorts in grade 3*], your lizard brain needs to get this bad thing out of you. 

But Doug, here’s the thing: Hurting others to fix your own pain, Doug it just doesn’t work. You may feel better for a little while, cause you have company in your misery, but it doesn’t fix your pain; it just creates new pain for others.  And that’s what we thug-hugging, tax-happy lesbians call being an asshole. 


Doug, do you know what irony is? Think 1994 Alannis. Got it? OK.

It’s kind of ironic, Doug but those very people you’re lashing out at, those nurses and teachers? Those people who could help you heal your wounds. Because if you do good things for them [Doug not evil, but the other one], it literally makes you feel better about yourself. I know, right?

So take a page from what many of your constituents call the good book. It’s also called the Koran [or the bible; Doug this page is in all of those books]. 

Take the page Doug. Do good. 



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