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August 19, 2019

Buck A Water

Buck a Beer? Let’s get the water to the people first, Doug!

Dear Doug, 

I do not drink beer. Therefore, I have no interest in supporting the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party’s Buck A Beer Platform.

Beer does not taste good to me, but a beverage I do enjoy is water. Clean, clear, drinkable water. I think I can state with absolute certainty that water is something everyone in Ontario enjoys. Some may even say that we can’t live without it!

May I suggest replacing your Buck-A-Beer campaign with a free H2O platform. I believe it would help you restore your popularity with the people because it’s got a catchy slogan and it’s free!

Now I know there are some in your administration who would call this a handout. But the good, honest taxpaying citizens will actually be getting eight cool refreshing glasses of water a day. A much better return on investment than one buck for one beer.

If some of your business partners object, may I suggest getting into bed with some other industries, like the makers of Tang or waterbed manufacturers.

You might say that everybody can already get free water. But I’m sure you are aware that 123 communities in Ontario are under boil water advisories. Let’s get these voters hooked up with the good stuff!

And OK sure, some of these communities are First Nations and therefore under the Federal Government’s purview. But Doug, wouldn’t it make Justin Trudeau look so bad if you stepped in and gave everyone a sustainable source of clean water? I’m not saying that you are a man motivated by petty revenge, but…

There are plenty of side benefits to this pitch beyond retribution and buying popularity: this water infrastructure will create jobs — just as many if not more than building an oil pipeline. And think of the savings to OHIP when people don’t get sick from simply drinking water.

Anyway, I hope you and your team will act on this water thing as soon as possible.



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