August 16, 2019

Greetings Voters,

Welcome to ‘Dear Doug, Letters to the Premier’ a community-based art project where concerned citizens & professional comedians write letters to the Premier of Ontario*. 

Our basic intent is to keep DoFo in people’s minds as the natural indicator of what an Andrew Scheer Gov’t would look and act like [this website was cheaper than making a post-apocalyptic feature film]. Our secondary motivation is to have some creative fun making up stuff, even while we cry in our morning cereal, reading the latest awful news about provincial cuts and regressive legislation.

LETTERS!! We’ve got funny ones, angry ones, & fangry ones. There’s personally truthful stories, Fictional Letters From The Past… & The Future!! If you want in on this thang, just write a one-page [500 words max] & submit it. We’ll select the most compelling ones and record them for a podcast**. 

Here are some examples of Dear Doug letters so far, both text-based and audio-recorded in our Dear little Dear Doug studio.

Start your submission by creating an account here. We aren’t collecting any information on you and we won’t be selling any data to anyone for any reason- promise. All we need is a valid email for us to contact you, and your thoughts and feelings about the direction Doug is taking this province since he was elected Premier, in the form of a letter.


*We guarantee that we will publish your letter, regardless of your political leanings, so long as it is created in the spirit of Canadian values. Your letter must not contain racist, and/or sexist and/or violence encouraging content.

**You will always retain intellectual property rights to your letter [so long as you have created it yourself]. We at Dear Doug reserve the right to audio record any letters submitted to this website and to distribute those recordings as a podcast and/or a book. We also reserve the right to use segments of the letters as promotional materials for the project. We do not pay anyone for the right to use their submitted letters.

Dear Doug is a non-registered not-for-profit project. Andrew Scheer is a lying, conniving opportunist who would certainly serve at the Pleasure of His Masters.